Thursday, October 9, 2014

'Who, me?' Praying Mantis Macro
#Macro #insect #photography of a #Praying #Mantis who seems quite surprised to see me. I was hoping to get a more natural perspective by laying down to get on his level, as you can see. Macro photos tend to get me a bit grass stained and dirty, but it's all part of the charm.
This time of year is great for praying mantis photos; they are full size, and very active. They also have a tendency to stand their ground and 'pose' for a good amount of time, though this one would begin to walk away every minute or so. Available on dlamb photography as cards, prints and framed pieces.

It is also part of my Macro collection on RedBubble, even available now as throw pillows and metallic prints.

It is also available @ 500px in print and for digital download and licensing.

#prayingmantis #insect #bug #close up