Monday, February 1, 2016

Dream Vultures (Don't Let Them Burst Your Bubble)

One of my digital projects that I experimented with for a few weeks. Digital art comprised of around 10 of my own photographs. RAW images all processed and combined in Photoshop CS5.
- Base photo shot at Norristown Farm Park, Norristown, PA-US. Base photo is an HDR of three exposures which comprise of the field, sky, cornfield and birdhouse.
- Bubbles were shot in studio.
- Turkey Vultures were 5 separate shots of one bird at Windlestrae Park, North Wales PA.
- Stuffed rabbit shot in studio (I tried to match the lighting of the sunset in the base photo with studio lighting).

It is part of my Still Life, Portraits and Manipulations collection on RedBubble, available in print, Throw Pillows, laptop and Phone Cases, and Tote Bags.

Dream Vultures is available on dlamb photography as cards, prints and framed pieces.

It is also available @ 500px for digital download and licensing.

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