Tuesday, February 16, 2016


This was originally a well lit interior scene that needed a little something. It is a photo manipulation combining 3 of my photos:
1) The room which was lit by natural light, and of course the lamp. Taken at Mohonk Mountain House, NY
2) The portrait of my lovely girlfriend, who was lit from beneath by a living room lamp in the dark to get that eerie look (she is not eerie looking normally, but beautiful). A bit of masking and lowered the overall opacity to give it the slightly transparent look
3) Texture was added using a photo I took of a battered concrete basement floor, which I toned down quite a bit. I tried to keep it from being over done and let it be more on the subtle side.
I tried to not go too 'dark' with this piece, just wanted to keep the intention of the 'ghost' a bit mysterious by not going too obvious one direction or another.

It is part of my Still Life, Portraits and Manipulations collection on RedBubble, available in print, Throw Pillows, laptop and Phone Cases, and Tote Bags.

Offerings is available on dlamb photography as cards, prints and framed pieces.

It is also available @ 500px for digital download and licensing.

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